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Regional Director Latin North
Antonio Barradas
Research Solutions Sales: S&T

Mobile: +521 55 44 41 53 70


Senior Account Manager
Alejandro Hernández
Research Solutions Sales: S&T

Mobile: +52 1 (55) 29 55-20 91


Solution Sales Manager
Lizbeth Ortega
Research Solutions Sales: S&T – Engineering & Geosciences

Mobile: +52 1 (55) 23 20 90 63


Solution Sales Manager
PhD Ricardo Sánchez
Research Solutions Sales: S&T – Life Sciences

Mobile: +52 55 52 00 87 70 ext. 2515


Core Customer Consultant
Patricia Urias
Research Solutions Sales: S&T – Research Solutions

Mobile: +52 1 (55) 29 55-20 91


Customer Consultant
Luiz Baginski
Research Solutions Sales: S&T – Engineering & Geosciences

Mobile: +55 21 99482-6627


Marketing Assistant
Luz Gómez
Research Solutions Sales: S&T

Mobile: +52 55 52 00 87 70 ext. 2508


Senior Account Manager
Gerardo Guzmán
Research Solutions Sales: S&T

Mobile: +52 (55) 55 43 51 16 98


Solution Sales Manager
Mario Rios Ospina
Research Solutions Sales: S&T - Research Intelligence

Tel.: +57 1 4735447
Mobile: +57 31 75 50 94 16


Solution Sales Manager
Adriana Villegas
Research Solutions Sales: S&T – eBooks

Mobile: +52 55 52 00 87 70 ext. 2514


Market Development Manager
Lizbeth Cruz
Research Solutions Sales: S&T – Mendeley

Mobile: +52 (55) 43 84 01 25


Customer Consultant
Moises Moreno
Research Solutions Sales: S&T – Research Intelligence

Mobile: +52 1 55 16 83 45 09


E-Sales Support Coordinator
Adolfo Verdugo

Mobile: +52 55 52 00 87 70



SciVal Trends

See what SciVal can do for you

Constantly evolving and ever more challenging, today's R&D landscape requires research managers to devise better ways to measure the quality and impact of their institution's research projects. Elsevier's SciVal offers quick, easy access to the research performance of 4,600 research institutions and 220 countries worldwide. A ready-to-use solution with unparalleled power and flexibility, SciVal enables you to navigate the world of research and devise an optimal plan to drive and analyze your performance.

SciVal builds on Elsevier's extensive experience over several years working with many leading institutions worldwide via SciVal Spotlight and SciVal Strata.

Learn more by watching:

  • The quick-start demo video to see how easily you can navigate the world of research and benchmark your performance accurately and meaningfully against other institution or group of researchers in the world.

Visualize research performance

Access comprehensive research performance summaries of any desired research entities, identify their unique research strengths and multidisciplinary Research Areas.

Visualize research performance

  • Retrieve at-a-glance, standardized reports instantly

Benchmark your progress

Compare the performance of any institutions, countries, and pre-defined groups, or create your own research area and monitor progress over time.

Benchmark your progress

  • Perform in-depth analyses to meet your specific objectives by selecting any combination of subject areas and metrics from a comprehensive set

Develop collaborative partnerships

Identify and analyze existing and potential collaboration opportunities based on publication output and citation impact.

Develop collaborative partnerships

  • Explore your institution's current and prospective partnerships on Google maps
  • Identify your top collaborative institutions and co-authorship drilling into specific subject areas and self-defined research topics

Analyze research trends

Analyze the research trends of any Research Area with citation and usage data, to discover the top performers and rising stars.

Trends Summary

  • View the overall performance of a Research Area, then dig deeper into the activity and impact of the institutions, countries, authors and journals involved and adjust your research strategy accordingly
  • Usage information complements citation data to give a more complete picture of research performance

SciVal at a glance

SciVal helps you assess your institution's research performance from a variety of perspectives in order to establish, execute and evaluate strategies based on reliable evidence. Our Profile Refinement Service pre-populates SciVal with your institution's researchers and departments so you can start analyzing their performance straight away. Using advanced data analytics supercomputer technology, SciVal allows you to instantly process an enormous amount of data, 35 million publication records from 21,915 journals of 5,000 publishers worldwide, and provides access to more than 110 trillion metric values to generate powerful data visualizations on-demand, in seconds.

Integrated modular platformVisualize research performance from multiple perspectives using SciVal's easy-to-use interface.
Create and select research entities    Test scenarios by modeling any Research Areas or groups such as newly evolving interdisciplinary Research Areas, groups of researchers to apply for a large-scale grant program, and departmental renovations.
Select metricsSelect and combine any set of metrics to measure an institution's or a country's productivity, citation impact, collaboration, subject disciplinarity, visibility and more.
Supercomputing technologyView and analyze big sets of data, fast, and generate graphs and tables on-demand.
Scopus publications and citation dataGet access to comprehensive publication data drawn from Scopus, the largest abstract and citation database of peer reviewed literature.
Scopus and ScienceDirect usage dataIncorporate COUNTER compliant usage data from Scopus and ScienceDirect into your analysis to reflect the engagement of the whole research community.

Metrics Thumbnail

SciVal offers a broad spectrum of industry-accepted and easy-to-interpret metrics.

SciVal Metrics Guidebook Thumbnail
SciVal Metrics Guidebook

A comprehensive guidebook to help you understand the practical use of metrics.

Pure_documentation-icon_pure-1.png Thumbnail
Metrics Guidebook

A practical guidebook to help you understand usage data and metrics.

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